The Terror- The End Justifies the Means

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It was 1789 and the citizens of France were fed up. They had had too many years of dealing with a monarchial government, one ruled solely by a king. Where had this gotten them? No where good—they were bankrupt and the greatest percentage of the citizens was considered in the lower class. This was not a successful country; they were in a horrible economic and social state. What to do? Have a revolution! So in …

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…to provide food for all of his citizens, policies to unite his nation, and measures taken to form a strong army, Robespierre would have never succeeded. But since he DID realize that he must use these means, and he DID end up using them, he achieved the all-important end that was the goal of everyone in France. The ends justified the means. Source: McKay, John P. A History of Western Society, 5th Edition. Houghton Mifflin, 1995.