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Mr. Rhodes English II A/ Period 5 20 February 1999 The Faces of Death In The Stranger Camus shows that Meursault can find his true identity only through an encounter with death. Meursault goes through some deaths in his life that lead to his own. This awkward, but most entertaining, character discovers himself through the tragedy that occurs in his life. His life is a full one and he faces each situation the same way. The encounters of …

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…death of Meursault's mom. Then it went to Meursault killing the Arab, which helped him show his inner feelings. Last of all, was the waiting for his own execution. When Meursault realized what was going on, and put everything together, he was able to find his own identity. Germaine Bree has the answer to the whole problem, "It is clear that Meursault's initial mental attitude proves inadequate to cope with even the simplest of lives" (117).