The Stethoscope's Song- An Analysis

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The theme of Carl Lapp's poem THE STETHOSCOPE'S SONG is how our perception of a person on their occupation is only one dimensional and not accurate. The point Carl Lapp makes is that physicians are human with whimsical moments and are not only unemotional geniuses. Physicians, like most people have a warm, caring and emotional side. Their emotional sid eis not always visible and does not always fit our stereotype of a physician. Physicians also …

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…the interpretation of the poem. A stethescope is an instrument associated with the physicians used to hear sounds coming from within a person which cannot be seen from outwardly appearance. You cannot tell if a person's lung is punctured by just looking at them, you must get closer and listen to what is going on inside. We cannot judge people from their outside appearance but we must strive to judge them from what is inside.