The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down

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If Lia had been born in Laos, where her parents and twelve of her brothers and sisters were born, her mother would have squatted on the floor to give birth. The floor was dirt, but it was clean. Her mother, Foua, sprinkled it regularly with water to keep the dust down and swept it every morning and evening with a broom. She used a bamboo dustpan, which she had made herself, to collect the feces …

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…from us. To really think about it, two hundred years ago, our ancestors survived without the technology we have today. By taking Lia away from her family was right for her case, but all the Lee’s were doing was practicing their traditional ways to raise their children. They can not be blamed for what they thought was right for their child. After raising twelve children, you would think they knew what they were doing.