The Sound of a Memory

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The Sound of a Memory Poetry allows people to express their feelings in ways that regular texts cannot. By carefully choosing each word and arranging them on a page, like an artist blending together colors on his canvas, a poet can make readers see, and feel, things that a normal author cannot. Mark Rudman's poem "Chrome," uses carefully chosen words that help to set the pace at which the poem is read aloud. In turn, …

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…very visual and exciting poem which forces readers to read at a pace, and to create a mood, which reflects that which the author must have felt when these events took place. And all of this would have been nearly impossible, had it not been conveyed to the reader in the form of a poem. Work Cited Rudman, Mark. "Chrome." Literature: The Evolving Cannon. Ed. Birkets, Sven P. Needham Heights, Mass: Allyn and Bacon, 1996. 651-652.