The Sleepy Side of Guyton

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The Sleepy Side of Guyton An aging cemetery is a place of finality, death, and ending of life to many people. To some people a cemetery is a place to get away from the distractions and noise of everyday life. It is a place to go and reflect on past and present events. Though the inhabitants cannot audibly speak from the silent graves, many heard stories arise. Entering the Guyton Cemetery, one finds a well-traced …

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…watch over the sleeping children. The slaves, Confederate soldiers, and sleeping children all lie resting for eternity. The Guyton Cemetery is a place of peace and rest for the residents here and all that visit. The inhabitants, though gone, still illustrate the life and history of the community through the stories that they tell. The stories and history that arise here are lessons to the present citizens of Guyton as well as to future generations.