"The Skating Party" by Merna Summers

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What one may want is not always what the heart truly desires, until the time that one realizes that he/she has lost it. Following is an analysis taken from the story "The Skating Party" in which the author Merna Summers considers the life-changing journey of one of the chosen characters during the process of self-discovery. The story in relation to self-discovery and its implications is that "self-discovery" is an intricate process that may not …

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…lf-discovery"; it is surely a lot more. It does not always lead to the same situation for everyone and neither does it have specific implications. It can affect us in any different ways. Rather as the essay explains it as complicated process and what some may interpret as a tragic experience. We can stop it from being a part of our lives but never from the curiosity it holds that attracts us to discovering it.