The Short Story Of Night - A Critique

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"The Short History Of Night" by John Mighton fervently seeks to expound upon the idea that societal disorder will eventually affect all levels of society despite any purposeful attempts to be detached, whether physically, using status or otherwise. Throughout many facets of the play this thought is effectively echoed, more particularly in the areas of set design, sound and light design, and character development. The utilization of levels in the set design is sensibly used …

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…the character of Keplerís wife taking her from the innocent inquiring young girl to ultimately being accused of witchcraft with not much visible physical action but by vocalizing her thought processes through all of her encounters. The gradual infiltration of this social upheaval eventually affects all and excellently summarized in the following quote from Tychoís final scene: Kepler: "One day we will bring the heavens down to earth." Tycho: "Too bad for heaven."