The Shining

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The Shining The Shining is about a white middle class dysfunctional family that suffers from natural and supernatural stresses in an isolated Rocky mountain hotel. .The father, a former teacher turned writer, is portrayed as a habitual drinker, wife- and child-abuser, with a kind of evil streak The mother is shown as a battered woman. The film suggests that due to the abuse at the hands of his father and the passivity of his mother, …

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…that lurked in the hotel for hundreds of years. One way of another he wasn’t able to escape his destiny. THE SHINING, 142 minutes Director: Stanley Kubrick Producer: Stanley Kubrick Director of Photography: Ronnie Vianu Cinemtography: John Alcott Screenplay by: Stanley Kubrick; Dianne Johnson Based on the novel by Steven King Lead Actors: Jack Torrence Jack Nicholson Wendy Torrence Shelly Duvall Danny Torrence Danny Lloyd Halloran Scatman Crothers Delbert Grady Philip Stone Lloyd Joe Turkle