The Rise of Hitler

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"The Rise of Hitler" I. Introduction Exactly how did Hitler come into power? What drove him to become the way he was? Why did he kill all those people? In this report, I’ll examine these questions and many others. II. The early years Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 at Branau am Inn in Austria-Hungary. He went by his mother's last name Schicklegruber until 1876 when he took the name Hitler. He spent much of his …

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…I have tried to give you a little bit of information about Hitler, what made him like he was, and his rise to dictator of Germany. Bibliography "Bibliography" "The Rise of Adolf Hitler. " The History Place 1998. Hoffman, Peter "Adolf Hitler" World Book, Chicago 1998. Keegan, John “Hitler’s War Against the World” U.S. News and Reports, Washington,D.C. August 1989. Shirer, William “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” United States, Ballantine Books, May 1962.