The Rhetorical Analysis of Two Texts

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Sitting with her child in front of the television, Maomi Wolfs is astonished to see the content of her three-and-a-half year olds favorite cartoon. “ If you pay attention to the dialogue, the images of the value-laden messages, you’ll get a queasy, dawning sense that your kids have entered into a cartoon moral warp, where everything that’s cool and inviting to children is being given and genuinely perverse underlay.” (42) In her article, “The New …

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…teens instead of adults. Instead of invoking anger, she would have to try to make us remember the times when we were children and the cartoons we used to watch. Even though the articles were not targeting teens like myself, they authors uses of ethos, pathos and logos help convince their target audience that what they are reading is an accurate example of sexual content in the media and how it affects children and adolescents.