"The Restoration of King Fisher" (a creative story on how two people save their king and kingdom).

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In a land and a time that has ceased to exist in the minds of most men, there was a kingdom called Eternity (Eternity Plains was named in honor of this mythical land), ruled by King Fisher. The kingdom prospered, and everyone lived contently. Every family had three meals a day, and if a family were ever in need, there would always be another family who would help. One day King Fisher's wife, Queen Gwenivere, …

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…to exact revenge upon King Fisher's kingdom for the banishment). Joan and Franklin were showered with gifts from everyone in the kingdom and were allowed to stay indefinitely at the castle as the king's personal guests. Wizard Marlin was appointed as the king's Royal Advisor and Chief of Alchemy and Magic. And for the time being everyone lived contently. "May good always triumph over evil, may all wrongs be righted, may ignorance never be bliss."