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The thesis for Schivelbuschís book The Railway Journey seems to be that the railroad altered the travelerís perceptions of space, time, distance, nature and the senses. Although the means of a quick and reliable mode of transport was and is an important part of industrialization, it denaturalized and desensualized the passengers (Schivelbusch 20). Shrinking and reshaping the world it touches with industrial fingers and alienating the riders to the world around them. With fast …

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…of perception that the railway caused are precursor of the denaturalization and desensualization that is abundant is modern industrial society. Schivelbuschís book gives interesting evidence to this thesis. By its manipulation of the world by the railways which altered the old world views of travel and nature it changes the definition of manís world view and the place man sees himself as being in the landscape around him. Bibliography Shivelbusch. "The Railway Journy"