The Pueble Indians

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The Pueblo Indians The Pueblo people are Native Americans who live in the Southwestern United States. They occupy New Mexico and Northeastern Arizona. The Pueblos include many groups, some are the Hopis, Acomas, Zunis, and Lagunas. They live on cliff tops in stone or adobe housing. The Pueblo Indians have four main languages. The people near Santa Fe and Albuquerque speak the Tanoan and Keresan languages. The Zuniís one large village in western New …

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…bring rain and social good. The Pueblos economy bases itself mainly on agriculture. Most villages grow corn, beans, cotton, melon, squash, and chili peppers. They sometimes sell things other than agricultural products. Some of the goods include livestock, pottery, baskets, and other handicrafts. In conclusion, I can easily say that the Pueblo people were and are very significant and interesting people in history. They made some of the very important advances in Native American culture.