The Presidents Dark Side

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How does he do it? He lies. He lied to his family, and he lied to his friends. He lied to his cabinet, and he lied to congress. And he lied to American's. Then he lied about lying. How does President Clinton do it? Very well. President Clinton is a man who has cost the United States millions in investigation fees on his impeachment trial. This money could have been used to feed homeless US …

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…We support and pay for that office he holds, and if he lies about affairs and other important matters, soon he will destroy what all Americans and our forefathers have worked so hard to build. Bibliography Blizer, Wolf and Bob Franken "Congressional impeachment inquiry expands to fund- raising" CNN Interactive Nov./Dec. Cohen, Adam "New Woman New Charges" Time Magazine Feb./March. 1999: Feb./Mar Schlesinger Jr., Arthur "Turning The Page" Time Magazine Feb./Aug. 1999: 1-2.