The Pregnancy Life Stage

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Running head: PREGNANCY LIFE STAGE Pregnancy Life Stage 1 Pregnancy Life Stage SCI/160 University of Phoenix July 25, 2000 Melissa Dolewa Pregnancy Life Stage Does nutrition status affect fertility? Good overall nutrition, rather than eating any specific food, greatly improves your chances of conceiving a child. For women, nutrient deficiencies and low-calorie diets at one extreme, and obesity at the other, can disrupt ovulation. Poor nutrition can also have an impact on male fertility. In order to get …

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…a child. This is why women who become pregnant should contact their doctor immediately to start optimizing their needs as well as the needs of the child. References: Natal Care, The Pregnant Lifestyle.,2000 Shanahan, Shelly, Nutririon and Weight., 2000. Plumbo, Peg, Weight Gain Reccommendations., 2000.