The Petrochemical Industry in Singapore - Ways to Improve Safety

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The Petrochemical Industry in Singapore - Ways to Improve Safety Contents Executive Summary 2 Background 2 Purpose of Report 2 Summary of Main Findings and Recommendations 2 Main Body 4 Introduction 4 Background 4 Current Situation 5 Purpose of Report 7 Outline of Report 7 Methods and Procedures 7 Sources 7 Criteria for Evaluation 7 Findings and Discussion 8 Proposed Solutions 8 Evaluation of Solutions According to Criteria 10 Conclusion 10 Summary of the Problem 10 Summary of Findings and Discussion 11 Recommendations 11 References 12 Appendix13 Executive Summary 1.Background According to the Singapore Economic Development …

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…Blaze at ESCOM site in Gauteng. Fire International, 16-17. Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB). (1998). Economic Survey of Singapore. Retrieved 2002, September 2, from WEKA Media, Team of Authors. (2001, November 1). Terrorist Response. Fire International, 16-18. Willis, R. (1987). Safety and Health at Work. Canberra: Watson Ferguson and Co. Appendix Heritage Site Threatened. (2002, September 16). The Straits Times, World. Lee, H. C. (2002, September 2). Flushing out Chemicals and Poisons. The Straits Times, Tech & Science.