The People of Japan

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The People of Japan Hidden along the East Coast of China lies Japan, an extending strip of mountainous islands. The Japanese culture is very rich in tradition. Houses, multi-purpose rooms, and Japanese style baths are very religious. Houses are usually made out of wood or bamboo. They have one to two stories and no basement. Family room floors are layered with soft, springy mats called tatami. Multi-purpose rooms contain only a few pieces of furniture, …

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…Their lunchboxes are very interesting. It looks like a simple ten by ten-inch wooden box with four equally divided sections. The little sections hold a variety of foods such as rice, sushi, and pickled vegetables. The lunchbox is called a bento. I would also have to wear specified uniforms and start the day with vigorous exercises. Overall, I think that the people in Japan seem idyllic and I would go there for vacation more often.