The Painted Door

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Sinclair's short story "The Painted Door" is a tragic story, about loneliness, confusion, and frustration. The three characters in this story all have their own personal dilemmas, which tie up into one immense problem. A husband who is simple, hard working man, is not consurned about himself, and is comitted to keeping his wife happy. His wife, who is dedicated to him, but feels neglected bt him, is in desperate need for love and comfort. …

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…not cared for by her husband. She wanted more excitment in her life, like she once had before with John. Ann felt unappreciated, and wanted to share a more physical relationship with her husband. The reader can empathize with her, not only that John died, but that she is left with a relization of how much her husband actually meant to her. With all that has happened, in the end she will become more lonely.