The PRogression of Violence in MUsic

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A Condensed Progression of Violence in Music In the late 1950s, Elvis Presley revolutionized the music industry and took the world by surprise. His rock-and-roll rhythms and gyrating style dance fascinated many teenagers yet disturbed many parents. When the singer appeared on Ed Sullivan's variety show, Presley's hips were kept out of the camera range because his movements were considered "too suggestive". Reflecting on the Presley-Sullivan incident, numerous people are amused at the innocence of …

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…often complex and difficult to identify. Even in everyday life, what originally looks like inexplicable behavior may turn out to have an ulterior motive. What passes for craziness may in fact be craftiness or deceit. In the case of Charlie Manson, his psychological motivation was the music of the Beatles. To this day, nobody has come to the conclusion to whether Manson is indeed crazy, although the premise -violence influenced by music- will always exist.