The Outsiders

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Chapter Five/Six/Seven 12. Ponyboy liked his hair so much because it looked like Soda’s and it also made him look tuff. 13. Johnny thought that Dally was gallant because Dally just takes what comes his way. Like when Two Bit broke the school windows and the fuzz thought it was Dally, Dally just took the rap and never ratted on his friend. 14. Ponyboy understood the way Johnny felt and that was the best way …

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…his mother and his father on the east side of the town. Ponyboy is currently living with his two older brothers since his parents died in an auto wreck; Sodapop and Darrel. Darrel is is oldest brother and he is currently working two steady jobs. Sodapop is the in-between brother an he’s working in one job. Their is talk that Sodapop and Ponyboy may be put in foster homes, but nothing is for certain.