The Other World and Worlds of David Wojnarowicz

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Homosexuality & Art thru eyes of a raging artist         It was a sudden vision of the world; a transient position         of the body in relation to the Other World. So I came to         understand that to give up one's environment was also to         give up biography and all the encoded daily movements;         the false reassurances of the railing outside the door.         This was a beginning of a definition of the World for me.         A place …

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…private reality serves as a dismantling tool again the         illusion of ONE-TRIBE-NATION; it lifts the curtain for a         brief peek and reveals the probable existence of literally         millions of tribes.                                                      (Close to the Knives, p. 121)         Were it not for the imagination of Wojnarowicz and his curtain lifting, the world would be lacking a voice in the struggle the eradicate the fear of diversity and the acceptance of all the tribes the world has to offer.