The Oresteia

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The Oresteia contains a string of bloody acts, all resulting from one conflicted decision. Because of this decision, Iphigeneia dies, Agamemnon dies, and Clytaemestra dies. The bloodshed is tragic because the slaughtering is all within one family. The decision that provokes the other decisions is Agamemnon's settlement on sacrificing Iphigeneia. As a result of this sacrifice, Artemis allows the Greek army, whom she had been holding on the shore, to begin their journey to sack …

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…needs to show his men that he is a strong king. With all the bloodshed caused by the decision to sacrifice Iphigeneia, it would have been a smart idea for Agamemnon to thoroughly evaluate the situation before making a decision. It is a no-win situation that has dire consequences on either side. If he did examine the dilemma in depth, he might make a different decision that would result in far less death and destruction.