The Odyssey- how the plot follows a similar pattern

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Odyssey Essay <Tab/>In many epics like The Odyssey, by Homer, the plot seems to follow a similar pattern even though it is set in a different time and place. These stories are filled with conflicts, and the hero frequently faces death. Odysseus's goal is to return home from the Trojan War to Ithaca, to see his wife and son again. Odysseus overcomes the obstacles that he faces and reaches his …

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…chances with Charybdis, they go towards Scylla, Odysseus only loses six men instead of losing everyone on the ship. <Tab/>Finally after ten long years Odysseus is reunited with his son and wife. He has triumphed over conflicts, faced death, and established himself as a brave, smart hero. Odysseus uses his skill and intelligence to defeat his enemies, overcome his obstacles, and ultimately achieve his goal of reuniting with his family.