The New Deal

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The New Deal The New Deal was a time period of a great historical era, depression, and destruction. This era included the election of Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Great Depression, Roosevelts'' program for fashioning the New Deal, the worst drought in this life time, and Roosevelts' roll in leading the country out of this slump. Franklin D. Roosevelt couldn't of asked for a worse time to be sworn into presidency. Roosevelt was heading into the …

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…would be defeated my congress. By the end of the 1930s, the major New Deal laws would be passed. The New Deal legislation never really brought and end to the large-scale unemployment. Still, Franklin Roosevelt's place in the history books is secure. His influence restored the faith in the American people. By Roosevelts' detection to end this depression gave the American people the strength to DEAL with there problems and worked boldly to overcome them.