The Mystic Ocean

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Vbos No. 97194015 T The Mystical Ocean Sarah stood at the top of the cliff, her toes curled around the edge of the jagged rocks. She glanced briefly down towards the circular, blue pool, which appeared to be the size of a laundry bucket from this height. She knew from experience that if she hesitated, paused to gather courage, it would only make it harder to take the step into space. She drew in a deep …

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…the air, causing the last of the tourists to scurry from the sand. The beach was now desolate and bare, looked more like a desert. As the sun slowly began to hide behind the clouds, the once golden sand turned to a murky gray, while the incoming tide swallowed all before it. The shadow of darkness spread quickly across the deep, endless ocean, hiding all within life and the life of Sarah’s. Word Count: 717