The Most Heroic Character in In The Time of The Butterflies

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In the Time of The Butterflies: Who is the True Heroine Among the Four? For many years, the definition of a hero has been vague and unclear. People with different perspectives worshiped their own heroes. From a businessman's eyes, a hero may be someone who can come with brilliant idea, in contrast, patriots may praise the ones who are willing to sacrifice for the nation. However, from the contradiction of thousands of unique thoughts, a …

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…the secret radio channel "Condemn me, it does not matter, the history will absolve me." Dede, yes, one day in the future, you will be absolved. By the time, the pain you have endured will become the respect from the others, and your name will be lined up with your other sisters, or even reaches a higher level. But before that, you still have to be patient, and let the history to prove your innocence.