The Media Watchers & Women's Representation of the Body

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What is beauty? Beauty as we see it enshrined as an illusion, it is a big effort and a big business to keep it up. The shell of the perfect woman is stressful and expensive to maintain; beauty contests are just to see who does it best. When one talks about beauty it typically leads us to focus on women. In the past, words such as 'beauty' were used in relation to 'women' and even …

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…American women's perceptions of body image. The media's ability to communicate mixed messages to women makes it hard to identify who we really are. It can shape one's individuality, health, and self esteem. One thing we tend to forget is that a women's beauty is not always determined from the outside, but also from inside. As soon as you accept yourself, regardless of society's standards, the media will not control your feelings about your body.