The Magnificence of Ramses II

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The Magnificence of Ramses II The history of Ancient Egypt consisted of a number of very powerful rulers known as pharahs. These pharaohs were regarded as gods by the Egyptian people. Every aspect of daily Egyptian life including the weather, and the success of the crops, was supposedly controlled by the pharaohs' attitude. Many Egyptians would devote their entire lives to the construction of the tomb for their pharaoh. Egyptians believed that by helping the …

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…campaigns in Canaan and Syria, including the famous battle of Kadesh, and a copy of the peace treaty which was signed with the Hittites (Time-Life 51). Both the Ramesseum, and the Temple at Luxor, display enormous statues of Ramses himself. The Ramesseum, a mortuary temple, contains a sixty-six foot tall seated statue of the pharaoh. This statue weighs one thousand tons, making it the largest known statue ever carved from a single piece of granite (Time-Life 54).