The Longest Memory by Fred D'Augiar (about black slavery)

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Essay on The Longest Memory Whether it is the motherly and caring wife Cook or the idealistic plantation owner Mr. Whitechapel the representation of gender in The Longest Memory comes on thick and heavy. Fred D'Aguiar constructs his characters through diary entries, memories, recounts and even newspaper articles allowing us to see them through their point of view and through the eyes of others around them. Each character seems to have at least one chapter …

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…displays very vivid stereotypes, which are 'by the book'. I think that Fred D'Aguiar wrote the book exceptionally well and kept the gender roles very close to what they were at the time the book was set. I hope that we will arrive at a point in time where none of the terrible acts that took place in the book occur ever again and there will be an end to all gender prejudice and stereotypes.