The Legendary Wailers

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Jomo Ent. & Terminus presents The Legendary Wailers § The Legendary Wailers performed African Herbsman on Tuesday, September 14, 1999. This particular song promotes black equality and political independence, which is a primary focus of African American Psychology. African Herbsman written by - Richie Havens lead vocals - Bob Marley released in - 1971 produced by - Lee "Scratch" Perry Old twinkling there Can't see the right roads, when the streets are bend The old slaveman, might grind slow, but …

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…a better life. In my opinion, The Legendary Wailers’ performance at the Georgia Theater was a success because it spread a positive message about the equality of blacks and the need for diversity and acceptance. In addition, I like the band because the clarity, conviction, and sincerity of The Legendary Wailers’ performances, and their unique, melodic style of songwriting, have influenced many pop-music artists, including songwriter Stevie Wonder and rock guitarist Eric Clapton. Bibliography none