The Killing

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The Killing by Stanley Kurbrick (1956) is a crime thriller with a twist. An ex-con by the name of Johnny Clay has planned the perfect robbery. He uses inside men and various well timed distractions so he can clean out the local racetrackís money office, only to succeed and lose it all at the end. Shot One The setting of shot one is an outside racetrack. In this wide shot (w/s) frame. The subjectí…

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…shot of the bartender sliding the paper across the bar. Marvin sips the soda once before putting the glass down and exchanging a few words to the bartender unrelated to the paper or the information on it. Marvin walks away from the bar as the camera follows dolling from right to left. Marvin and camera stop. As Marvin close his eyes and listensí the announcer reportís the results of the race (diegetic sound). At