The Joy of Sorrow

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The Joy Of Sorrow As I awoke one Autumn November morning, from my ever so peaceful slumber, I was awoken by a waking sense of uneasiness. As I slowly crawled out of bed, I had a unpleasing intuition that something has went devastatingly astray. A large well developed lump began to develop in my parched throat, making it seemingly hard for me to swallow. I cautiously made my way toward the door, carefully placing each …

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…valuable a life is, and how much a single person can mean so much to a family that by there lose, at first, the family is incapable of carrying on daily functions but when then they realize that God plans these events for a particular reason and that families use these events to draw closer to one another and to form a bond that can not be broken down by any means necessary. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**