The Irony of Liberation

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Though this paper had a few punctuation problems, I made a B+ on it and this is a sophmore level class. The Irony of Liberation When the liberators came, they came with hope of eliminating the torture and inhumanity the Nazi Germans were imposing on the Jews. Men and women came with the hope of releasing victims from the evil claw that had grasped Jews for so long. Some liberators came with the idea that …

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…may have seemed lost, one must keep in mind that the Jews are survivors. And survive is what they did. Just shortly after liberation, Jewish strangers were marrying, children were born and life prevailed. Though Jewish people will never be liberated from the nightmares of Hitlerís reign, perhaps the ability to replenish life through new birth, will. Bibliography "Images from The Holocaust: A Literature Anthology" Jean E. Brown, Elainw C. Stephens, Janet E. Rubin