The Internets Involvement in Society

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The Internet is a new revolution to all of mankind. People are using computers for tasks unimaginable ten years ago. This paper will share with you ideas on computer use and the Internet in the twenty-first century. The Internet, introduced to consumers in 1996, has grown immensely over the past four years. Other technologies took up to thirty-eight years to reach fifty million people. The Internet only took four years to reach well over fifty million …

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…Stein (2000) states, "The Internet will effect our society in such dramatic ways that humans can not prepare or predict" (p.182). Bibliography International Business Machines Corporation. (1998). An IBM guide for doing e-business. United States: Kendra R. Bonnett. Nicholas Stien, Fortune (2000, February). The Renaissance man of e-commerce. E-company, p. 181-188. Stefan Ventroni. (2000). Technology News. The urges for wider Internet access, 1. Retrieved March 24, 2000 from the World Wide Web:,1643,500197426-500270666-501421377-0,00.html