The Internalization of Wisdom, The Vulnerability of God

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The Internalization of Wisdom, The Vulnerability of God Tolerating universalistic conclusions from a text as dominant as the Old Testament is difficult to accept as blatant and forthright as it is. To simplify the mystifying force that gave birth to the earth and the waters and everything above and below them, the voice of creation and destruction, compassion and contempt, to a script to be comprehended by flesh and bone is a curious demand. Indeed …

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…bible, communities have formed different means of assured sanctuary. Laws, international treatise and agreements are the new dictator of vulnerability, not a cultural intimacy with God. With a certain intensity we have conquered some cerebral autonomy, consequently arriving at an intensified natural autonomy, however, we continue to prove our desire to worship and accept the abstract. We have replaced God with national leaders and constitution, instinctively enduring our role as the sheep, not the Sheppard.