The Hardship in Britain during World War 2.

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By 1941, the Second World War had brought considerable hardship and disruption to the British civilian population. Was this still the case in the last twelve months of the war, 1944-45? Explain your answer. By 1941, many of Britain's cities were in ruins, and her population was seemingly demoralised. London was being bombed very frequently, although many British cities were bombed throughout the war. A notable example of this is the bombing of Coventry bombing, when in …

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…had done much to make the middle classes aware of the poverty of the working classes, and had ensured more equality between the sexes - many people felt that a Conservative government would lead to a renewed decay of this new-found equality, and thus voted for a Labour government. Clement Atlee promised a more equal Britain, and amongst other things, he introduced the National Health Service, a Welfare system, and housing for the working classes.