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Common Ground In many of John Steinbeck's works there are themes and elements that parallel his other works. Steinbeck often tackles the result of people's bad fortune and the realization that their dreams have been destroyed. We can see that in his Pulitzer Prize winning The Grapes of Wrath and his critically acclaimed novel Of mice and Men Steinbeck shows us the results of people having their dreams destroyed. Steinbeck shows us that in his …

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…or food. The lower class had no way of getting ahead. Steinbecks charecters never had their dreams materialize into achieved goals. This was true in both of Steinbecks above mentioned works. George and Lennies followed their dream only to have it turn into a nightmare. The Joads journey led them from the barrenand sterile land, to the green, fertile yet poisonous land. In the end dreams turned out to be just that, dreams, nothing more.