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The Globe My research paper is on the Globe. The Globe is a playhouse in London, England. This was a pretty neat thing to research because this year it is having an “Anniversary” Season this year with the performance of Julius Caesar, Anthony, and Cleopatra all male cast. Also the Comedy of Errors and a now play by Peter Oswald called Augustine’s Oak. These were all performed in 1999 in the rebuilt Globe Theater. The …

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…thatched roof since the fire of 1666. May 27-Sept. 21 of 1997 is the opening season of the rebuilt Globe. Including performances o Henry V and The Winter’s Tale. In the second season as you like it and the Merchant of Venice are performed. This was a neat paper for me to writ on. The facts and the plays and how it burnt down was pretty cool. I hope I shared this with you in my writing.