The Game of Speculation

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Playing to Win: The Game of Speculation in Mansfield Park In Jane Austen’s novel of social commentary Mansfield Park, Mary Crawford and Henry Crawford are two characters that exemplify the concept of double consciousness, as is depicted in the scene where the family at Mansfield Park plays the card game Speculation. This game however, like much of Austen’s work, is played on more than one level. During the course of the card game, …

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…and Henry Crawford play both the card game and the conversation (the social game) well, and as one becomes aware of their objectives, the meaning behind their words becomes clear. Perhaps Henry says it best when he says to Fanny, “The game shall be yours, again- it shall be yours.” (219) The game shall be won by Henry and Mary Crawford, but only while letting the family of Mansfield think that it is theirs. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**