The Functions of Management

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Management is creative problem solving. This creative problem solving is accomplished through four functions of management: planning, organizing, leading and controlling. The intended result is the use of an organization's resources in a way that accomplishes its mission and objectives (Higgins, 1994). The nature and work of management involves effectively applying these four functions to achieve organizational success. The purpose of this paper will be to explain the four functions of management as it relates to …

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…think of themselves as "bosses" but will view themselves as sponsors, team leaders, or internal consultants. References Higgins, J. (1994). Management Excel Teaching:The Management Challenge. Second edition, Macmillan. [On-line Article]. Available at: Lewis, P., & Goodman, S., & Fandt, P. (1998). South-Western Publishing. Management and Managers:Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. [On-line Slides]. Available at: