The Feminist Theory

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The Feminist Theory By Kimberly DeVaney PHL 202 After learning about all the major theories of philosophy, I think that I like the Feminist theory the best. The only real "working" explanation of the feminist theory I found is the one where Feminist Ethics is said to be an attempt to revise, reformulate, or rethink those views of traditional western ethics that have depreciated or devalued women's moral experiences. In this way the feminist theory recognizes …

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…societies, this may explain why women have evolved to be more emotional (and emotionally secure) then men. However one looks at it, the Feminist theory has many merits, controversy's, and blossoming ideas in comparisons to accepted theories of ethics. Our world is still is male dominated one, but if those who believe in the Feminist theory have their way, this too shall pass. I embrace the thought of a world that includes the Feminist theory.