The Evils in The Chrysalids

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The Chrysalids Imagine living in a place where there seemed to be a sense of evil in the eyes of everyone, except David Strorm. This place was called Waknuk. Waknuk was a place where anything out of the ‘norm’ was wrong and sinful and could even end in a consequence as serious as death. Life was good for those who believed and practiced the Waknuk religion. For those whom were not believers in the Waknuk …

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…he had to through much hardship. Evil was used as a tool in many of the situations that he faced. He was faced with prejudice that caused Sophie to be isolated pride that caused Emily and Joseph to mistreat Harriet who did not agree with them and lastly the pain that David felt from the deception of Allen. I feel that in The Chrysalids evil was used as a tool for prejudice, pride and deception.