The Effect of Post "Great War" Ideals on the Literature of the Times

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Unit 5 Part 1 Test Essay The literature of an era is always reflective of its times, and for the first few decades of the twentieth century, that fact was made obvious. With the world facing new challenges, writers searched for new creative outlets and techniques, and, for the first time, began to disregard the rules of writing that had once been dogma. Events such as war, financial depression, major social problems, and developments in both technology …

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…in the twenties and continued late into the thirties. During this time, many black writers moved to Harlem from the south, making it into an intellectual hub. The early twentieth century produced many movements and new techniques due to the major changes and rapid growth of the times. The world community is still feeling the waves of these changes today, and we are still discovering and thinking of new and interesting ways to express ourselves.