The Effect of Death and Grief on Characters in Katherine Mansfield's Short Stories

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The introduction of the short story to literature created a whole new field for writers and readers to experiment with and enjoy. Katherine Mansfield was born and raised in New Zealand and then moved to England where she spent a great deal of her life. Mansfield is known as one of the most remarkable writers to come out of New Zealand and England. Katherine Mansfield's "specialization" is the short story. Mansfield wrote many short stories …

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…he can handle so he reacts with a newfound callousness. Whether death and grief are life changing experiences in the lives of these Mansfield characters, they are all affected in some way that the reader is able to observe and, possibly, experience along with them. Katherine Mansfield's stories are stories that grab the reader at the heart and make him think while becoming interwoven with the narrator and the themes of the story. That's literature!