The Educated Man

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“The Educated Man” Period 2 John Henry Newman, the author of the essay entitled “The Educated Man” begins his essay in a way that was very contradictory to his times. He opens his essay boldly declaring that “A University is not a birthplace to poets or immortal authors, of founders of schools, leaders of colonies, or conquerors of nations.” In essence, what he is saying is that the university is not the birthplace of an educated …

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…idea of an educated man is still a social title rather than a task to complete. He is still stereotyped by what they’ve done, rather than what he is. Perhaps the beginning of educated men will remain where it has always begun, in the small cleft of a rock- such as Stratford-upon-Avon or Urbino, Italy, where one learns to ask questions, in pursuit of their answers stumble upon new world’s and ideas alike.