The East Vs The West Racism

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The East Vs. The West: Racism The Asia/Pacific War proved to be a war that went far beyond that of defending the ideals of humanity or even trying to suppress or augment ones power by means of territory. This definitive outbreak and ongoing military rampage dove to the most critical and hateful ideals of our time: racism. Beliefs discerning the fundamental differences between the “East” vs. the “West” fueled a time and place of …

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…waged and that it is just, for now, in a “latent” stage. I agree with his perception as well because of one very fundamental point that still drives the Japanese state of mind and perception: the sense of Japan still being a homogeneous state. With racial hatred and prejudice still at the forefront of the nations policies and perception on the “outside”, I believe that it is a problem that is clearly still prevalent today.