The Dual Qualities of Nature (romeo and Julliet)

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The Dual Qualities of Nature (romeo and Julliet) Everything in life has the potential to be both good and evil. In Shakespeare's tragedy Romeo and Juliet, there are many contrasts between, people, words, things, and actions. Shakespeare warns us that nature is the source of both life and destruction. In Act II scene iii, Friar Lawrence addresses in a monologue the binary traits of nature. In act II scene iii, the Friar is outside picking …

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…beings we have this potential to do and be both good and evil, right ,wrong, bad, good, hurtful, or helpful. Throughout Romeo and Juliet there are dualities everywhere, in words, people, things, life, death, love and hate, to name a few. Nature and people posess the potential for good or evil, they can either create or destroy. In any action, person, or, situation, both good and bad exist together in a give and take relationship.