The Destuction of the Progressive Conservative Party in the 1990's.

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The destruction of the Progressive Conservative Party started in 1983 when it named Brian Mulroney the successor to Joe Clark as head of the Progressive Conservative Party. The next year elections were held and the Progressive Conservatives won record two hundred and eleven seats. He was then re-elected in the four years later as the Conservatives won another majority. Brian Mulroney was the heart of Canadians dislike of politicians and government in general. The news media …

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…was incapable of ridding his government of corruption. He enjoyed an imperial lifestyle while in office, and left office with a personal wealth that has never been revealed. After almost a decade of the Mulroney Tories, Canadians lost faith in their government and came to despise a once proud party. The Conservatives deserve the reputation for sleaze and deserve the defeat they suffered and will continue to suffer at the hands of the Canadian voters.