The Decline and the End of the byzantine empire

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The Decline and the End of the Byzantine Empire Alina Ybarra-Rojas 10/5/99 The Byzantine Empire began to collapse during the 500ís due to a number of wars, religious disputes and the death Justinian. After Justinians death, barbarians attacked the empire on all fonts. Lombards from Germany seized parts of Italy, and Slavs and Avars invaded the Balkan Peninsula. Persian invasions weakened the empire during the late 500ís. A new enemy attacked the weakened empire in 634, when …

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…new empire and kept the government in Constantinople Members of the court of the defeated Byzantine established bases in Asia Minor. The Byzantine recaptured Constantinpole in 1261, but Ottoman Turks invaded Asia Minor, and the Serbs advanced in the Balkans. Civil wars also weakened the empire. By the late 1300s, Constantinople and part of Greece were all that remained of the empire. The Empire finally ended in 1453, when Ottoman Turks captured the weakened empire. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**